Employer Program — Rural Housing 360

The Rural Housing 360 goal is to make high performance housing accessible, affordable, and a reality for hard working Americans by providing established pathways for mortgage approvals.

Our mission is to strengthen local communities by allowing hard-working folks the opportunity to live where they work, stabilize school enrollment, utilize existing city infrastructure, and to enhance the ability of employers to grow their respective businesses.

What can Rural Housing 360 do for employers?

  • Greater Employee Retention -  No more long commutes for your employees
  • Enhanced Workplace Culture & Quality of Life = More Productivity
  • Branding & Marketing - Image of your Company
  • Expansion & Growth Strategy - Another Tool for Hiring
  • Community Engagement - A Public/Private Partnership that produces results
  • Bottom Line - An intentional effort to retain, hire, and improve the quality of life for your employees that results in greater productivity and an opportunity for growth.

The Rural Housing 360 Team gets involved at the local level with area stakeholders to establish the necessary foundational elements that support the successful outcome of mortgage approvals for your employees. We are your advocate.

Rural Housing 360 is Employer Driven and Employee Focused!

What employers qualify to partner with Rural Housing 360?

Any Employer, big or small, that has an employee or new hire struggling to find housing is a candidate to partner with Rural Housing 360 to find a solution.

How does this help the company?  What's the bottom line? How much will it cost the company?

This is not a 'pay to play' type of program. All that is required from the Employer is a willingness to market the program to their employees to make them aware that the opportunity for homeownership exists. Once onboard, the Employer can choose to purchase custom posters, brochures, and payroll stuffers to get the message out as well as assign a computer in the breakroom or Human Resources to assist in their discovery. To get started, Rural Housing 360 representatives are available to come to you to assist in educating your staff and employees in understanding how to navigate the website and what lots are available in your area.

Why should Employers consider working with Rural Housing 360?

The founders of Rural Housing 360 are also rural employers, like you, and see the difficulties our employees face seeking a safe, efficient, affordable place to call home. Since 2017, we have been engaged in studying the barriers to homeownership for our nation’s workforce and those in rural communities. Being from Rural America ourselves and challenged to find solutions has culminated in the launch of Rural Housing 360. Our mission is make home-ownership possible for those who currently struggle finding options. We do this through a comprehensive approach to the problem of obtaining a mortgage approval.

If you are an employer that identifies with this message then we would like to talk.

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How do I get my company involved in this program?

If housing is a problem for your employees and this message strikes a nerve, then we would love to hear from you. Simply email me, Steve Gilbert, at [email protected] and express your interest in learning more. I will get back to you and schedule a site visit to discuss becoming a Rural Housing 360 Employer and to begin working alongside you and your community to make homeownership a possibility for your employees. Thank you for visiting us and the opportunity to serve you.

Best Wishes,
Steve Gilbert — Founder