Contractor Benefits

As an Authorized Rural Housing 360 Contractor you will enjoy:

  • Predictable income
  • Unsolicited volume of work — $0 marketing & advertising spend
  • Local recognition in a very visible program- Marketing/Brand Value
  • Timely and efficient construction projects
  • Work close to home
  • Very few to no change orders!

What we do  — Rural Housing 360

Our mission is to strengthen local communities by allowing hard-working folks the opportunity to live where they work, stabilize school enrollment, utilize existing city infrastructure, and to enhance the ability of employers to grow their respective businesses

We have a housing crisis in America.

Since 2017, the founders of Rural Housing 360 have been engaged in studying the barriers to homeownership for our nation’s workforce and those in rural communities. Being from Rural America ourselves and challenged to find solutions has culminated in the launch of Rural Housing 360. Our mission is make home-ownership possible for those who currently struggle finding options. We do this through a comprehensive approach to the problem of obtaining a mortgage approval.

In identifying barriers to home-ownership we discovered three common issues:

  1. Lack of available cash for down payment and closing costs.
  2. Insufficient credit scores or lack of credit history.
  3. Affordability gap - cost to build vs. income.

The housing crisis is not a ‘rural versus urban’ problem. Nor is it rooted in age or geography. It is a financial problem. Our strategy is to work backwards from a mortgage approval and into a solution. What has resulted is a real opportunity that allows for an individual to be successful in buying a new home that is within reach of their income and shows equity without the need for down payment or closing costs to obtain a mortgage.

How does Rural Housing 360 accomplish this?

By eliminating waste and increasing efficiencies we are able to reduce cost from the process.

Cost comes in different forms: time, material, money, people, real estate.

Our challenge was to seek to optimize these assets to the benefit of you — the consumer. Rural Housing 360 has assembled a broad chain of partnerships that result cost reduction, equity creation, and efficient asset utilization. Our partners include:

  • Communities - offering empty lots to buyers thus reducing costs.
  • Local & National Lenders - offering $0 Down & $0 Closing Loans.
  • Real Estate Agencies - assistance in selling your current home.
  • Local Contractors - project management & reduced mobilization costs
  • Modular Home Builders - eliminate waste, quality control, speed.
  • Technology - Website allows for streamlined process & accessibility.

The outcome of this is a public/private partnership that can produce mortgage approvals for hard working folks!

This is not an income or age restricted housing program. Rural Housing 360 works to the benefit of those who struggle to find quality, efficient, affordable housing for themselves and their families.

Why Local?

Partnering with qualified local contractors who share our beliefs is critical to the success of Rural Housing 360 and our mission to make homeownership a reality for hard working folks.

Who knows the community better than the local contractor? It is our belief that those with a vested interest in their local communities will work the hardest for its successful future. As an independent contractor myself, I realize the quality and pride that will go into each of these homes. Value comes from the highest quality product for the investment made which is a direct result of enhanced efficiencies made possible by local contractors.

What communities have this? How can we get this program implemented in our surrounding communities?

Rural Housing 360 is launching throughout Iowa in 2019. As of January active in 75 communities and 27 counties across the State. If your area has a need for this type of housing solution please let us know and our staff will work alongside you with local leaders and employers to bring it to your community.

How do does my contracting company get involved in this initiative?

If the Rural Housing 360 Program interests you, we would love to hear from you. Simply email me, Steve Gilbert, at [email protected] and express your interest in learning more. I will get back to you and schedule a site visit to discuss becoming a Rural Housing 360 Contractor and to begin working alongside you and your community to make homeownership a possibility for those who would like to call your community home.

We invite you to explore the possibility of working with Rural Housing 360.

Thank you for visiting us and the opportunity to serve you.

Best Wishes,
Steve Gilbert — Founder