What we do — Rural Housing 360

We will guide you from selecting a community and floorplan to construction of your new home, from selling an existing home to submitting a mortgage application and closing a loan. The Rural Housing 360 initiative is to make high performance housing accessible, affordable, and a reality for hard working Americans.

Our mission is to strengthen local communities by allowing hard-working folks the opportunity to live where they work, stabilize school enrollment, utilize existing city infrastructure, and to enhance the ability of employers to grow their respective businesses.

We understand that it can be a duanting process to build a home, get financing and sell your current home - that is where we come in! What we want more than anything is for you to have a home that fits you and help you get on the path to home ownership.

We streamline the entire process to deliver maximum value to you. We want to make home ownership a reality for you! 

Why and How — The Vision

We have a housing crisis in America.

Since 2017, the founders of Rural Housing 360 have been engaged in studying the barriers to homeownership for our nation’s workforce and those in rural communities. Being from Rural America ourselves and challenged to find solutions has culminated in the launch of Rural Housing 360. Our mission is make home-ownership possible for those who currently struggle finding options. We do this through a comprehensive approach to the problem of obtaining a mortgage approval.

In identifying barriers to home-ownership we discovered three common issues:

  1. Lack of available cash for down payment and closing costs.
  2. Insufficient credit scores or lack of credit history.
  3. Affordability gap - cost to build vs. income.

The housing crisis is not a ‘rural versus urban’ problem. Nor is it rooted in age or geography. It is a financial problem. Our strategy is to work backwards from a mortgage approval and into a solution. What has resulted is a real opportunity that allows for an individual to be successful in buying a new home that is within reach of their income and shows equity without the need for down payment or closing costs to obtain a mortgage.

How does Rural Housing 360 accomplish this?

By eliminating waste and increasing efficiencies we are able to reduce cost from the process.

Cost comes in different forms: time, material, money, people, real estate.

Our challenge was to seek to optimize these assets to the benefit of you — the consumer. Rural Housing 360 has assembled a broad chain of partnerships that result cost reduction, equity creation, and efficient asset utilization. Our partners include:

  • Communities - offering empty lots to buyers thus reducing costs.
  • Local & National Lenders - offering $0 Down & $0 Closing Loans.
  • Real Estate Agencies - assistance in selling your current home.
  • Local Contractors - project management & reduced mobilization costs
  • Modular Home Builders - eliminate waste, quality control, speed.
  • Technology - Website allows for streamlined process & accessibility.

The outcome of this is a public/private partnership that can produce mortgage approvals for folks like you!

Who we help — Qualifications

Rural Housing 360 is for everyone. This is not an age or income restricted housing program. Our mission is to serve those who struggle to find quality, affordable housing for a variety of reasons:

  1. Live near where you work.
  2. Live in the town you wish to.
  3. Desire a change - downsize, upsize, lower utility bills, safety, health.
  4. Have experienced difficulty in obtaining a mortgage.
  5. To avoid the stress commonly associated with building a new home.

We are successful as a result of the efficiencies we create through the relationships we have built. Go ahead and see for yourself- Rural Housing 360 is here to serve you!

How it works — The Process Breakdown

How is Rural Housing 360 able to get you approved for a mortgage? The reason stems from the unique combination of benefits we provide:

  1. Immediate Equity in your new home.
  2. Specific Loan Programs that benefit you.
  3. The Most Efficient Construction Processes available today.
  4. Community Partnerships resulting in reduced Lot costs for you.

Immediate Equity in your new home - as a result of reduced Lot and construction costs Rural Housing 360 is able to build your home new home for less than appraised value. This enhances your ability to obtain a mortgage approval.

Specific Loan Programs that benefit you - Rural Housing 360 features mortgage loans that DO NOT require Down Payment or Closing Costs from you such as USDA Loans, VA Loans, First-Time Home Buyer Programs, and Conventional Loans. Rural Housing 360 utilizes streamlined website technology to quickly assess which programs you qualify for. Customer Support is always there to assist you in making the right choice.

The Most Efficient Construction Processes available today - Rural Housing 360 eliminates waste throughout your project utilizing off-site construction methods, regional staff, and current technology to shorten construction timelines, drastically reduce material waste, and provide consistent quality. Combined with the reduced Lot costs, you realize an even stronger equity position in your new home saving you money, time, and stress!

Community Partnerships resulting in reduced Lot costs for you - A unique benefit to building your new home with Rural Housing 360 is the reduced Lot cost you realize as an outcome of the relationship we have with communities. This results in added equity for you, enhancing your potential for a mortgage approval. Communities understand that empty lots are an opportunity to grow their towns while securing their future at the same time. Rural Housing 360 works with communities across the State to find mutually beneficial solutions for all.

Community - The communities you see listed are participating with Rural Housing 360 to provide reduced Lot cost benefits for your new home. When you select a listed community through the website you can be assured that your chances of obtaining a mortgage approval are enhanced. We are adding communities weekly. If you do not see your community listed please let us know and we will engage with local leaders to begin the process of your town becoming a Rural Housing 360 Recognized Community.

Floor Plan - The house plans currently available were selected to fit a variety of budgets and needs. These plans were professionally developed for efficiency, livability, and flexibility. More plans are under design and we are excited to expand our offerings over time. Options- The advantage of the Rural Housing 360 Options Menu is to allow you the ability to maintain control over your budget and still get what you need. Once you are in your new home with equity you will be able to add features over time giving you the opportunity to ‘grow’ into your home. Our desire is to give you control and the ability to live in a home that can change as your needs change.

Lot - Once you have selected a community, floorplan, and options it’s time to get pre-approved for your mortgage. Now the excitement of picking the lot for your new home begins! The lot selection process begins with your Rural Housing 360 Project Manager. Your Project Manager will work with the city to identify available lots that will work for your new home. Once the lots are established you will be able to choose the one that is right for you. With assistance from your Project Manager, your new home will be ‘staked’ for placement on the chosen lot. You are now ready to sign the Purchase Agreement and begin building your new home!

Rural Housing 360 understands that selling a home and moving can be a complicated and stressful experience. That’s why we have partnered with a national network of licensed realtors to assist you with the process. We give you the opportunity to let our team of realtors assess the market value of your current home, projected time to sell, and give advice to help you make an informed decision. Simply select ‘Yes’ on Step 1 of the Rural Housing 360 process to receive a consultation from an experienced realtor. And don’t worry, if you are simply trying to discover if you qualify for a new home you can skip this step initially and come back to it later. You are in control!

The Rural Housing 360 Process takes the stress out of building your new home. The website gives you control of the plan, color selections, and options. To construct your new home we have partnered with high-quality modular home builder - Stratford Homes. These homes are custom built off-site to your selections using the best materials with efficient and accurate processes meaning you maximize your investment by eliminating waste. All homes meet or exceed State Building Codes and are constructed using 2x6 walls, energy-efficient windows and doors, full basements, LED lighting, high efficient heating & cooling systems, and come with a warranty. Decks and garages are constructed on-site using local resources and under the supervision of the Rural Housing 360 Project Manager. All basements are insulated and come with bathroom plumbing pre-installed, an egress window for future bedroom, sump pump, and radon mitigation venting pre-installed giving you the ability to nearly double your living area and live in a healthy, efficient home!


Who is an Active Adult Buyer?

  • Are the kids all grown and gone?
  • Do you have a house that is too big for what you need?
  • Do you want a home that is safer- no steps, wider doors, security system?
  • Do you desire a home with less maintenance and cleaning?

If you answered 'yes' to these, Rural Housing 360 can help with our Active Adult Upgrade Package. We have specific features for you in mind such as:

  • Zero-entry garage (No steps from the house to garage)
  • Wider, 3 foot doors to the master bedroom and bathroom
  • Zero-entry showers (No steps into the shower)
  • Grab bars for toilets and showers
  • Lever Handles
  • Front entry ramps
  • Design and Ordering Assistance

What do these options cost?

The cost for each option is clearly listed on Step 5 of the website but to give you a general idea - if you chose all 7 options it would only add 10-12% to the final cost of the home depending on which plan is selected. Lot cost not included.

How do I order these options?

It’s simple. Once you have created a Customer Account and you reach Step 5 - Select Additional Features and Add-ons, you will be able to select these options listed above. They will be located at the bottom of the screen with an 'Active Adult' tag.

If technology isn’t your thing there is an email and phone number for an actual person listed below for you to use in requesting your home and these features. We will take care of you.

I’m Interested, What’s Next?

There are three ways we can serve you:

  • Go online and create an account and build your home online.
  • Email questions or inquires to our Active Adult Specialist, Ced at [email protected]
  • Call 641-446-HOME (4663) and leave a message for Ced to get in touch with you by phone.

We invite you to explore the possibility of homeownership. Whether you want to live closer to where you work, be in a safer & healthier home, save money on utility bills, live in the community you have always wanted to, or simply want a change — Rural Housing 360 is here for you!

Thank you for visiting us and the opportunity to serve you.

Best Wishes,
Steve Gilbert — Founder